Name Archimedes Gremory
Race Pure Blooded Devil
Nicknames Otaku Devil

Otaku Dragon

Bookworm Dragon (by other dragons)

Hikikomory Dragon (by other dragons)

King of Magic Magic Genus

Hair Color Crimson Red
Eye Color Azure
Height 1.75m
Equipment &


Power of Destruction

Magic (all kinds and powers except holy based)

Master swordsman(Dual Wield)

Pythagoras –The Great Magic Dragon King (Self Sealed)

Magical Researcher Mage/ wizard (Arch mage- probably higher)

Chaotic Neutral
Personal Status

Lord Gremory (Grand Father)

Venelana Gremory (Grand Mother)

Rias Gremory (Aunt)

Issei Hyoudou(Uncle)

Millicas Gremory (Older Brother)

Sirzechs Lucifer(Father)

Grayfia Lucifuge] (Mother)

Sairaorg Bael(Cousin)

Lord Bael (Uncle)

Misla Bael(Aunt)

Euclid Lucifuge (Uncle)

Zekram Bae (Ancestor)

Athlemia Gremory (Older sister)

Himiko Hyoudou (Cousin)

Yukinoneko Hyoudou (Cousin)

Artemia Hyoudou ( Cousin)

Affiliations 72 Pillars

[Gremory Clan ] Otaku Dragon Peerage (king aka the Azure Dragon peerage)


Ranking Super Devil

[King] Higher Than True Dragon


He is handsome teenager boy with average height muscular build . In addition to this he has short Crimson Red hair and Azure eyes , he usually wears black colored clothes or his school uniform ( when he is the school grounds). He hair have similar with the shape of cat ears ( Kurohime is usually making them to look closer representation of cat ears ..)




  • To create a world ( Country , city…) in which everyone is equal and social ranks are just “jobs descriptions” where Angels , Fallen Angels, Devils and other Supernatural beings could live in peace without discrimination.
  • To learn everything about magic and continue to invent new things.
  • Become the best light novel writer in all time.
  • A world in which none will be hurt .
  • To enter the anime World.
  • To read and watch all existing and non-existing manga,Light Novels and anime.


Ancient Unified Magic Theory