Race Pythagoras
Nicknames Bookworm Dragon (by other dragons)

Hikikomory Dragon (by other dragons)

King of Magic Magic Genus

Hair Color Azure
Eye Color
Equipment &


Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Personal Status Alive(Sealed in Archimedes Gremory )
Relatives Ophis

Great Red

Affiliations 72 Pillars

[Gremory Clan ]

Archimedes Gremory

Ranking Higher Than True Dragon

The Stronger Existence in all Universes


the Dragon of infinite,magic, knowledge and evolution and change, Touki,Youjutsu, Senutsu, also he helped in creation of gods. He is equally strong as Great red 666 beast and Ophis and Great Red


It looks like a massive Azure and fluffy Cat with same colored eagle like wings and 12 wolf like tails.



It currently unknown where and when he was given birth but is the main reason all variants of magic powers exists. At some point before the birth of Archimedes Gremory he fought 666 (Trihexa) and killed him Efectively unsealing Sirzechs Lucifer everyone sealed with the Trihexa. When Archimedes Gremory had born he sealed himself in Archimedes Gremory.



Sacred Gears ( Secretly with God of the Bible) Magic itself


He helped in the creation of Sacred Gears. His experiments created all the kinds of Magic. He does not like his name to be known and prefers ti stay secret. He gave the seal that kept 666 (Trihexa) sealed and informed God of The Bible about the after effects. His meddling brought humans to their current technological state He helped the gods of every mythology to get their powers.